You got questions, I got answers.

Music Questions

I have written and recorded music of all kinds, but I specialize in guitar-centric styles like country, rock, funk, and heavy metal.

Yep, you own the copyright and can do whatever you wish with the music.

Yes, you can supply your own lyrics, but be aware that some changes may be necessary as I work them into a piece of music. To provide the highest quality music possible, I prefer to do all the tracking here in my studio, and don’t generally accept outside recorded tracks. There is no discount for providing lyrics or tracks….it’s usually more work for me to use them, not less.

No, sorry. To get your project completed ASAP my schedule needs to remain flexible.

Tech Questions

Nope. You will get the finished recording, and I will hang on the the working files.

In most cases a hi-res mp3. If you desire some other format we can work that out.

Order Questions

It totally depends on the scope of your project. Short, simple pieces with just a few instruments can be done in a week. Others can take up to several weeks. We’ll agree on a time frame before getting started.

I require a 50% deposit to get started, and the remaining 50% just prior to delivery. I can accept payment via credit card, PayPal, or Venmo.

Smaller projects are allowed two revisions. Larger ones are allow three.

We will agree on a specific direction before I get started, and I will send you one rough sample right at the outset. From there we are both committed, and there are no refunds.