Experience, awards, & testimonials


I am fluent in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, Affinity Photo and Designer, and many other graphic creation programs.

I have designed graphics for projects as small as guitar picks to large projects like tradeshow booths and billboards. I have also worked on graphics for web and screen.

  • Video production using Adobe Premier, DaVinci Resolve, Vegas, and others.
  • Audio production/mastering and music creation. Applications include radio ID packages, company jingles, audio for video, music for radio and streaming, and more.
  • Graphic design using Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator, Affinity Photo & Designer, and others. I have designed projects large and small in a range of mediums: website UI, magazine ads, catalogs, packaging, postcards, tradeshow booths, animation design, etc.
  • Web coding experience with HTML, CSS, etc.


Written hundreds of songs in range of genres.
Recipient of the Honorable Mention Award in the Great American Songwriting Competition twice, for the songs Intimate Strangers and Cowboy On.
Song placement in film and television, including episodes of Entertainment Tonight.

Graduate of the Horizon Audio Engineering course.
Written and recorded radio jingles.
Written and recorded the music for computer games and stage plays.

I play in a number of casino-level tribute bands. I’ve played hundreds of gigs and outdoor festivals
I’ve played guitar on the station ID’s and music beds for such stations as KJR Seattle, WSIX Nashville, and WLUP Chicago.
I film, produce, and host the Warmoth YouTube channel.


  • I can write in a range of tones to suit many purposes, including long-form blog and magazine articles, instruction manuals and handbooks, press releases, contracts, research reports, creative copy, radio and video scripts, etc.
  • I am a published, award-winning author. I have also won awards for short form writing, including songwriting.

Contributing author for Songwriting for Dummies, 2nd Edition.
Author of Understanding Songwriting.
Author of Beyond the Bulb: How to Be More Creative
Author of Because I Wanted to Know, a book of poems and illustrations.

I have written articles for Premier Guitar, Performer Magazine, and others. I’ve also written for several blogs, including Family Strong and The Song Garage.

Writing Style Guides
Instruction Manuals

Marketing & Web

Supervise the development of websites.


Developed the Sholdt website

At Warmoth I worked with high-profile guitarists to facilitate endorsement and marketing exchanges.

At Warmoth and Sholdt I created Style Guides and Writing Style guides to unify brand perception.


Awarded the rank of Eagle Scout by the Boy Scout of America in 1984. Went on to earn Bronze and Silver Palms.

Designed and taught college-level classes in music appreciation and songwriting. I also have a great deal of public speaking experience, and I believe my strength is presenting difficult concepts in an easy-to-understand way.