What does custom music cost?

Projects come in a million shapes and sizes. Some are 15 seconds of simple solo guitar. Others are complete packages with full instrumentation, that include themes, bumpers, beds, and stingers. We’ll have to talk to figure out exactly what you need, and we’ll agree on a price before I get started. However, the question you have right now is “are we talking $5 or $5,000?” To help answer that I’ve posted some rough estimates below.

YouTube Intro


One short musical theme with basic instrumentation: drums, bass, guitar or piano, vocals. Includes songwriting, lyrics, recording, and production. Delivered as a hi-res mp3.



Podcast Package


One music package with that includes a main theme, bumbers, beds, and stingers. Extra instrumentation as needed. Includes songwriting, lyrics, recording, and production. Delivered as a hi-res mp3.



Full Song Demo


Songwriters, send me your existing song in whatever shape it’s in, and I will record and produce a pro-quality demo with basic instrumentation. Delivered as a hi-res mp3.




Chris Jessop – Polygenometry Podcast

“Aaron’s level of creative versatility is unmatched! I came to him for help and in less than a week we had the finished product. Tons of my listeners tell me that they can’t get his song out of their heads! Who knew Ska would pair so well with marrying multiple women?”

Arny Baily – Tribute Time Machine

“Tribute Time Machine is a stage show that features tribute bands and a full stage set that looks like a time machine. I told Aaron I wanted theme music that was catchy and sounded like an old TV them song. He delivered, big-time!”

Chris Colwell – Second Sting

“When we needed a medley of our music to play along with my band’s demo video, Aaron put together a reel of tunes that sounded great and flowed perfectly from one song to the next. I am 100% certain we have landed many gigs because of that demo.”

Kevin Gould – Matress Masters

“We used the jingle Aaron wrote for our mattress store in all our radio and TV spots. It was super catchy, and many of our customer remarked on it when they came to our store.”