Creative and Business Writing

Songwriting Step by Step

If you are an aspiring musician, poet, or wordsmith who has ever wanted to write a song – or if you want to write better songs – this book will lead you step by step through the songwriting process and help you to discover tricks and techniques for creating powerful, memorable lyrics and music.

’cause I wanted to know

You’ll find poems about pirates, superheroes, cowboys, and thieves, and enjoy the fanciful black and white illustrations – awaiting your touch of color – when you read this imaginative collection of rhymes. Written and illustrated by Aaron Cheney for his children, this little book is loaded with fun.

Beyond the Bulb: How to Be More Creative at Everything

Creativity is not just for artists. Whatever your occupation, whatever your hobbies, passions, or interests…whatever it is that you do, thinking creatively can make you better at it. In Beyond the Bulb, Aaron Cheney teaches you how to prepare your brain for its most creative light bulb moments, and then go beyond them to transform those ideas into real creations.