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What People Are Saying

If You Say We’re Through is a gem….a song that shows rare originality, both in the music and the lyrics. All tones are good, even something as incidental as the shaker egg sounds excellent! We could go on, but take our word for it. People should aspire to produce tracks this good.” – Recording Magazine

Cowboy On – Great American Songwriting Contest Honor Award Winner. Cut by four different artists, and placed in the film Barn Dance.

Country Diction – placed in an episode of Entertainment Tonight.

Intimate Strangers – Great American Songwriting Contest Winner.

The Speed of Lead – 2020 Great American Songwriting Contest finalist.

“Aaron’s level of creative versatility is unmatched! I came to him for help and in less than a week we had the finished product. Tons of my listeners tell me that they can’t get his song out of their heads! Who knew ska would go so well with multiple wives?” – Chris Jessop, Polygenometry Podcast

Ain’t Supposed to Pretty – Great American Songwriting Contest Honor Award Winner. Cut by two artists.


Aaron has played guitar on countless sessions for both independent artists and commercial projects. His playing can be heard on radio ID’s, beds, and jingles around the world, include on stations like KSIX Nashville, Chicago’s LOOP, KJR Seattle, and KOA Denver.